Welcome to ExamswithNSW



Whether you have a child studying with NSW or you are simply looking for a CiE exam centre you have come to the right place. At NorthStarWorldwide, we are committed to providing support for home educating families – our exam centre is one of the ways that we try to help. We aim to keep our fees as low as possible, and we do not require parents to assist in invigilation. We are ideally located midway between Sheffield and Chesterfield and our local railway station is no more than 100 metres away from our building.

Key features of the NorthStarWorldwide exam centre:
• Open to all home educated students – whether they study with NSW or not
• Low costs and a simple fee structure
• Small exam centre – candidates sitting exams with no more than 16 others in the same room
• Generally able to provide assistance to candidates requiring access arrangements such as extra time, rest breaks or a scribe
• All staff are DBS checked

If you are looking for the November 2016 exam timetable, this can now be accessed on the CiE web site. Click here!

Please note that there is now a separate UK exam timetable.