Fees & Dates

Fees & Dates

We have a pretty simple fee structure –

Candidate entry fee                       £20 (This is a one-off fee charged to each candidate.)
IGCSE/O level exam entry fee         £105 per subject entry (£95 for NSW families.)*
AS/A2 exam entry fee                    £119 per subject entry (£109  for NSW families.)*

Please note that a full A level ( i.e. AS and A2 exams) is counted as two exams and will be charged accordingly. However, for students entering for a full A level exam in a single exam session (i.e. both the AS and A2 exams) there will be a discount of £50 per subject.

Our fee covers all standard costs**, including exam board fees, invigilation fees and the cost of sending out the final certificates by special delivery.

Candidate withdrawal
If a candidate withdraws from an exam session prior to the official exam board deadline, a fee of £60 per subject will be charged in order to cover exam boards and NSW administration costs. If a candidate withdraws from an exam session after the official exam board deadlines, full fees are payable, no refund will be made.

We are unable to accept applications from individuals who do not possess an email address.

* Please note that the £10 discount to NorthStarWorldwide families applies to examination subjects that have been studied with NSW.

**What our fees do not cover
If a student requires access arrangements such as extra time, amanuensis etc, we have to apply additional charges to cover increased costs e.g. longer invigilation or payment to a scribe.

Modern language IGCSEs require the student to take an oral examination. This is undertaken at our exam centre by a qualified modern languages teacher. We make an additional charge of £25 per student for this oral. This fee is paid in full to the MFL teacher for her services.

Dates and Deadlines
We strongly recommend that registration forms are sent to us as soon as possible. We only have a limited number of spaces and in popular subjects such as English and maths we do anticipate there being quite a demand. We can process application forms at any time.

Our deadline for receiving applications for the June 2017 session is Monday 6th February 2017.
Access Arrangements and Special Educational Needs
Candidates who already have a recent assessment undertaken by an educational psychologist or suitably qualified specialist.

If access arrangements such as additional time and the use of a word processor during exams, is required, the deadline for submitting applications isMonday 16th January.

Candidates who do not have a recent assessment and may possibly require access arrangements
The deadline for submitting applications for candidates who require NSW to undertake an educational assessment is Monday 12th December. Please refer to the Access Arrangements section of the ‘how to apply’ page for further information.

Please note the following – 
For candidates to be given access arrangements such as extra time and the use of a word processor, there needs to be evidence that this is the candidate’s normal way of working.
CiE require that an access arrangements assessment be undertaken within THREE years of the exam session.