NorthStarWorldwide offers an extensive range of GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels offered by Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge Assessment International Examinations.

The following lists show the main subjects that we offer for each exam board. If there is something that you are looking for that is not on the list or if you wish to enquire about 2020 subjects, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Edexcel/Pearson (2019)
The following subjects are offered in the June exam session only.

English Literature (1ET0)
History (1HI0)
Mathematics (1MA1)
Psychology (1PS0)
Religious Studies A (1RA0)
Religious Studies B (1RB0)
Statistics (1ST0)

Biology (4BI1)
Business (4BS1)
Chemistry (4CH1)
Economics (4EC1)
English Language Spec A (4EA1)
English Language Spec B (4EB1)
English Literature (4ET0)
English Literature (4ET1)
Further Pure Mathematics (4PM1)
Geography (4GE1)
Global Citizenship (4GL1)
History (4HI1)
Human Biology (4HB1)
Mathematics Spec A (4MA1)
Mathematics Spec B (4MB1)
Physics (4PH1)
Religious Studies (4RS1)
Science (Double Award) (4DS0)

OCR (2019)
The following subjects are offered in the June exam session only.

Ancient History (J198)
Business (J204)
Classical Civilisation (J199)
Classical Greek (J292)
Computer Science (J276)
Economics (J205)
English Literature (J352)
History A (J410)
History B (J411)
Latin (J282)
Mathematics (J560)
Psychology (J203)
Religious Studies (J625)

The following subjects are all offered in both June and October/November sessions, unless stated otherwise.

O level
Commerce (7100)
English Language (1123)
Literature in English (2010)
Religious Studies (2048)

Accounting (0452)
Biology (0610)
Biology (0970)
Business Studies (0450)
Chemistry (0620)
Chemistry (0971)
Combined Science (0653)
Computer Science (0478)
Co-ordinated Science (0654)
Development Studies (0453) (November only)
Economics (0455)
English (First Language) (0500)
English Literature (0486)
English Literature (0477)
Environmental Management (0680)
French (0520)
Geography (0460)
Geography (0976)
History (0470)
History (0977)
ICT (0417) – Summer only
Latin (0480)
Mathematics (without coursework) (0580)
Mathematics (0626)
Mathematics – Additional (0606)
Physics (0625)
Physics (0972)
Sociology (0495)

A level
Accounting (9706)
Business Studies (9609)
Classical Studies (9274)
Divinity (9011 & 8041) (November only)
Economics (9708)
English Language (9093)
English Literature (9695)
General Paper (8001 & 8004)
Geography (9696)
History (9389)
Law (9084)
Mathematics (9709)
Mathematics – Further (9231)
Psychology (9698)
Sociology (9699)
Thinking Skills (9694)