Access Arrangements

Some students require additional support or assistance in order to ensure that they are able to sit exams without being disadvantaged as a result of learning needs they may have. CiE, like all exam boards, permit these access arrangements when there is sufficient evidence to support and justify them.

CiE’s handbook for centres states,
“Access arrangements allow candidates with substantial and long-term disabilities access to the examination and the opportunity to demonstrate their attainment.”

If you have a child who may require access arrangements in order to sit his/her exams, please contact us to discuss these matters. It is vital that you contact us as early as possible and that you make note of the earlier registration deadline that is in place for students who may require access arrangements.

In order to qualify for access arrangements, we will need to see medical, psychological or educational documentary evidence from a suitably qualified professional, clearly indicating the level of disability that the student has to cope with.

NorthStarUK’s Educational Director is qualified to undertake assessments, in the areas of reading and writing, that satisfy CiE’s criteria for access arrangements in these areas. There is an additional fee for this assessment. Once again, it is vital that parents contact us as soon as possible and make note of our earlier registration deadlines.